Best 5 Midjourney Alternative Free Online

You will get “midjourney alternative free online” in huge numbers. As this platform got paid as well as popular, there were many entrants to make way for using artificial intelligence. Today, we will be walking through a complete review and evaluation of these “midjourney alternative”.

Finding “midjourney alternative free” will make us explore this developing technology of AI Art generators. Various platforms are proposing their new tech feature without cost to get genuine feedback and improve it for more technical capabilities.

We will list “midjourney alternative free” and there will be more to discuss in our next posts, as this segment has made all of us crazy to use it like a superpower. For now, we are presenting a few platforms that are proximate to what “midjourney alternative” must possess.

Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online

Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is one of the most recommended midjourney alternative free online. It is a model developed by OpenAI. It uses advanced technology that makes use of the best use for search engines with maximum personalized image generation and deep learning.

As we spoke, midjourney alternative free have their developing a system to get give their free ai image-generating service. There are a few basic prerequisites to making a note before we start to use it. All of these platforms are best in their ways to serve their users. At the same time, being tech users, we need to discuss different utilities and capabilities to make the best use of them for our application & output.

Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online
Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online

you can use midjourney alternative Bing Image Creator, but you need to have access to bing chat to use the AI image-generating feature. If you have not joined, you need to apply to the waitlist and get started with Bing Chat. Also, you must have Edge Browser installed on your device as currently, Bing Image Creator works only in this browser.

Simple Steps to Access Bing Image Creator

  • Open Edge Browser and navigate to
  • Navigate to the top-right section of your screen and check out the top-right and tap “Images”. You will also get the “Image Creator” button there.
  • Here, you have to mention your prompt with the best description and tap “create”. The platform will take a couple of seconds to process and generate an image for your request.
  • Once you start using and exploring, you will learn to type the best input text prompt for your output.

Bing Image Creator is midjourney alternative free online but you get 100 boosts per day now. Earlier it was only 25 “boosts” per day. However, considering it as a free feature, it is sufficient for you to explore this for your use. Further, it uses 1 credit to generate 4 image options. You can save and use that best suit your requirement.

Further, there 2 good options that will motivate you to use Bing Image Creator as midjourney ai alternative free. One thing is that you can use the Bing app & bing search engine with your account on your devices and earn reward points. Using these reward points additional boosts can be obtained by the user.

As per current research and the time stamp for writing this blog post, the approximate calculation goes like this – you use 500 reward points for additional 500 boosts. Further, A single search can earn around 3 Microsoft rewards points. So, you get a lot of internal scopes to make arrangements to use this Bing Image Creator as midjourney alternative.

Blue Willow AI

Blue Willow AI is midjourney ai alternative free artwork generator, which helps you to generate graphics for different use as per your personalized image prompt. It is all free and one of the best midjourney alternative for making various projects.

Simple Steps to Access Blue Willow AI

  • Navigate to on this page, join the Free Beta version that is initiated with a click on the top right corner.
  • To start using midjourney ai alternative free, option Blue Willow AI, you need to complete creating an account on the discord app interface.
  • You need to verify yourself as a user by mentioning your name, captcha, date of birth, email id, and password.
  • After you register all these details, you will be able to verify your email. After you get verified in the search box you need to type blue willow and enter
  • After getting started you need to navigate to a rookie channel, where you can mention your prompt. Your practice over prompts is going to make your output more interesting.

All Artwork AI tools use a set of images in the backend and create effects and detailing in the image as per the algorithm set to modify and generate unique images for various requirements. These algorithms are so detailed that you can translate your imagination into reality in a way that every image graphic looks unique.

Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online
Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online

To use midjourney alternative free online you will need to understand the format to use the prompt to get the required output in the image. Once you are verified on Discord, you will have to navigate to the rookie channel section, where you can add your prompts to get your artwork. You will have to begin with “/imagine: prompt” succeeding with the description of the AI graphic/picture in text form that you are looking for.

While using Blue Willow AI, a midjourney ai alternative free, you will get 4 options for the prompt that you give in this platform within a minute. However, there are many users operating together so you will find it difficult to fetch your content in a sequence. But you navigate to the mention section in the right corner to get your data in the allocated form.

midjourney alternative Blue Willow AI provides you the option to bifurcate into different channels. You can create your own classification at your convenience. As Blue Willow AI is launched at a later point in time, it may take time for it to catch up to update user-friendly feedback and suggestions to stay updated.

Using Blue Willow AI’s midjourney alternative free online, you need to know a few things as a user. Blue Willow AI currently supports only 3 ratios that are 1:1, 2:3, and 3:2 for new artwork generation. It has decent in view to meet various needs. We can mark this developing technology as high definition at this stage. Saturated colors & images are impressive with due respect to the utilities it is covering.

Further, when you are trying to fetch images on Blue Willow AI, “midjourney ai alternative free” you need to make sure that your discord account is logged in. You have to navigate to – and sign into your gallery.

Leonardo AI

Looking for midjourney ai alternative free, you definitely come across, Leonardo AI as one of the best options. Though all of the platforms are different and each of them will be different for everyone as per their own utilities.

Being midjourney alternative free, Leonardo AI, is popular with users as it gives the flexibility to get options for the same prompt. Most of them give 4 options, whereas this allows you to choose options from 1 to 8.

Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online
Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online

Simple Steps to Access Leonardo AI

  • Navigate to and click on Get early access.
  • Enter your email id and choose the option – count me in.
  • You will be asked to join Discord & accept the invite.
  • Signing up on this platform, you are also asked to choose a language.
  • After entering all details, you get the option “priority-early-access” on the screen. once you click on that, you will get one Google form to fill in at the bottom.
  • After you have completed filling out the form, again go to and select launch app in the top right corner and you will get an option showing – yes, I’m whitelisted.

Leonardo AI, midjourney alternative free online is available for use now. Again you have to go to and select launch app in the top right corner. You can use the featured model and refer to other generated images in the main area.

In the “AI image generation” section you can create images. You have to use the token to get images. You get 150 tokens per day, that can be used to generate 150 images. All your generated artwork will get stored in the “personal feed”. 

Playground AI

Midjourney alternative free, Playground AI is one of the AI artwork generators that you will be finding popular these days. The best part to include this as midjourney alternative free online is more realistic image generation out to prompt description.

The requirement to use midjourney alternative, Playground AI is to have a simple Google account to get started. One of the amazing features that makes this platform loveable and user-friendly is that you can use images stored in the user’s computer. Further, it also helps to edit images generated from AI, which gives users an extra utility factor to consider while finding midjourney alternative free online.

Playground AI is a noteworthy option for those seeking an AI image generator capable of creating various images based on descriptions. While Midjourney and Stable Diffusion excel in producing photo-like images, Playground AI focuses more on generating drawings with a remarkably high level of realism. Access to this platform is easily granted with a Google account.

Playground AI midjourney ai alternative
Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online

A standout feature of Playground AI is its ability to work with images stored on users’ computers. Additionally, it provides the option to edit the images generated by the AI, making it a top alternative to Midjourney.

Simple Steps to Access Playground AI

  • Playground AI can be signed up with a Google account easily and your account will become operational for your use.
  • You can sign up and create images from your imagination, once you have started.
  • The page after the sign-in has a tutorial that presents how to use Canvas.
    click on the board to use the discord
  • This platform is a great tool to experiment with different image imaginations with unique styles that can be applied for the best output.
  • Numerous AI models can produce different & unique images and even better results. So keep experimenting with this combination of creative tech zeal on the internet.
  • You need to type a prompt in the left bottom corner describing what you want in your image. This prompt can be a word, phrase, or sentence that can make midjourney alternative Playground AI understand what we are in the output.
  • Currently, there are 6 dimensions presented for free. However, the Pro version provides additional variants for use as well as additional better-quality features.

Midjourney alternative Playground AI provides 1,000 free images per day for everyone. In this free version, there is a limit on output as to quality & details succeeding 50 images mark. Even if there are Fixed image dimensions in the free plan, there is a lot of room to use this free plan to create & use images commercially.

Midjourney ai alternative free Playground AI will mark the waiting period, once you cross 1,000 images. Using this Playground AI for free, ensure you generate one image at a time. Also, make a note that you cannot generate images with DALL-E & create until 5 canvas files. Saying that it is midjourney alternative free online that provides variants for animals, fashion, food, landscapes, vehicles, etc that will seek attention to be used as midjourney alternative.

While listing midjourney ai alternative free we have shown options that help you to create images without input. We also presented an option where you can use images from your device for your output. All these are great to be listed as midjourney alternative.

However, moving further, it is necessary to list one midjourney ai alternative free that can provide the option to make an ai image output using an avatar. Our Imagination supposes we could do this and other manifestation mentality would love to explore our avatar’s presence and experience this AI way to make images for ourselves and represent ourselves in a unique way.

Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online
Best Midjourney Ai Alternative Free Online is midjourney alternative free if you wish to make AI images for yourself using avatars and cartoon graphics, and image ideas. like most of the midjourney alternative free online you can start using this platform by signing in with Google email and using this option to give a more unique idea to express this AI technology in the most personalized way.

Midjourney Ai Competitors Comparison

PlatformAccess StepsKey FeaturesLimitations
Bing Image Creator1. Open Edge Browser and go to– Personalized image generation– Requires Bing Chat and Edge Browser
2. Click on “Images” and select “Image Creator”– 100 boosts per day– Limited to 4 image options per prompt
– Integration with the Bing app and search engine– Integration with Bing app and search engine
Blue Willow AI1. Go to– Free artwork generator– Limited to 3 image ratios (1:1, 2:3, 3:2)
3. Enter the prompt and click “Create”– Unique image generation based on prompts– Difficulty in fetching images in a sequence
3. Complete registration on Discord– Customizable channels for user classification
Leonardo AI1. Go to leonardo.ai2. Join the Free Beta version– Limited to 150 tokens per day for image generation
2. Click on “Get early access”– Personal image feed storage– Waiting period after exceeding 1,000 images
– Provides options for the same prompt (1-8)3. Join Discord and complete the registration
Playground AI1. Sign up with a Google account– Realistic image generation based on descriptions– Limited to 1,000 free images per day
2. Explore different image styles– Edit generated AI images– Cannot generate images with DALL-E & create
3. Type a prompt in the left bottom corner– Launch the app with featured models– Uses images from the user’s computer– AI images using avatars and cartoon graphics– Focuses on avatar and cartoon-style images
– Personalized image ideas

FAQ’s Related to Midjourney Ai Alternatives

Are there any free alternatives to Midjourney?

Yes, there are the best 5 free alternatives of Midjourney Ai those are listed here in this article. And the name of the alternatives is; 1. Playground Ai, 2., 3. Leonardo Ai, 4. Blue Willow Ai, 5. Bing Image Creator

Is Leonardo AI better than Midjourney?

Yes, it is better and also this is free and available for image creation from text.

What is a free AI generator like Midjourney?

Bing Image Creator and Playground Ai are the Free Ai Generators like Midjourney.

What is the best free AI art generator?

Playground Ai is the best free Ai generator from the text.

Is Leonardo AI free or paid?

Leonardo Ai is available for Free and a few paid features are also available.


“Midjourney ai alternative free” is such a discussion that brings our experimental creative tech idealogy in full enthusiasm. We know there are more opportunities to discuss this topic. However, we are picking the best and filtered areas one by one to keep detail classified and easy to use.

Also, mention “midjourney alternative free online” that is your favorite with reason. We would love to see more names and practical answers that can be used as “midjourney alternative” by all of us. Your comments will help users to know audience feedback and explore their experiments backed by reason and real comments.

“Midjourney alternative free” written in this blog are taken considering things as user-friendly. After this read, do mention your suggestions and point of view to consider in the next posts. We will try out best to provide details in the best ways we could.

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